West World Language Classes Battle for the 2022 “Cook-Off”

Emily Connor '22, Staff Writer


Rayna Lymper represents the Italian Class above

On Monday, May 15th, the World Language Classes at Cherry Hill West hosted their annual “Cook-Off”. This event was held for the first time in two years due to the pandemic, therefore making it more special for the Spanish, French, Latin, Chinese, and Italian classes participating. There were ten tables in total that made entrees, drinks, and desserts that are popular within the region that they represented. 

Unlike past years, this event was held in the library to make the event smaller and more one-on-one. The students who participated in this event were limited to the senior class. Every senior taking a world language class got the chance to participate with their classmates in creating a world within their table. 

The West Faculty were the judges for every table and voted on who had the best food, presentation, and overall winner of the day. The winner of the competition was Table 10 (Italian) and second place was awarded to Table 2 (Spanish). Best Spanish Food was won by Table 2 and Best French food was won by Table 7. Table 2 (Spanish) also won the best presentation, along with Table 9 (French).

1st place table (Italian)
Table 3 (Spanish)
Some of the Latin Table’s Main Courses