The Lion's Roar

2015-2016 Staff

Chaz Marinelli ’17

Hark! Thou who reads this bio shall become slightly more educated towards the student known as Charles “Chaz” Marinelli. He is currently a Junior and he doth edit and scribe for this here Newspaper.

Tajah Moore-Verdell ’17

Tajah Moore-Verdell is a junior and the Opinions Editor of The Lion’s Roar. This is her first year working on the newspaper and she has already fallen in love with the editorial process. She frequently writes features, and aspires...

Alyssa Calubayan ’17

Alyssa is a junior at West; this is her third year writing for The Lion’s Roar. She is the Styles and Trends Editor of the paper; she basically goes around and lets people in the know of what’s happening around the fashion...

Aaditi Tamhankar ’17

Aaditi Tamhankar is a quirky 16 year old who loves to try new foods and travel. She is involved in many activities around West including Volleyball, Spring Track, DECA, Mock Trial, and of course, Newspaper. Additionally, she founded...

Sonia Kangaju ’19

Sonia Kangaju is a freshman staff writer and News Editor for The Lion’s Roar. She is kind, compassionate, and fun-loving, but she also has lots of ambition and isn't afraid to ask tough questions. Sonia enjoys creative writing...

Justin Gick ’16

Justin Gick (senior) is the Editor-in-Chief of the Lion’s Roar. He started as a freshman staff writer and was given his own column called “Ask the Professionals” where he has interviewed many fascinating people. During his...

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