Schedule success

Chasen Shao, News Editor

his year’s new schedule is proven to compact more time into classes, and for some classes and students, it is just the time they need. Although there is talk of disliking the scheduling, the West Community will eventually realize the impact this schedule can have on their future success.

   I feel that block scheduling can provide a new sense of what college feels like to students. Medical schools follow this schedule, along with most other universities and colleges. Some schools say that this schedule will eventually prove to be a problem, since mush material will be introduced. Some even complain that students cannot take the homework overload. Contrary to these critics, the West community has the potential to make a positive change to our school.

   I have discovered that there are two sides to every story.

Many have spoken out in favor of the new schedule. Students say they like the variety of the classes. In the past, students had a continuous, mundane schedule of the same classes every day. This schedule has been the answer to all these worries. It makes each day more enjoyable. “I like the new schedule so I get to see different teacher each day,” a junior commented. Some teachers enjoy having diverse schedules or even experiencing prep periods at the beginning of the day. Some students enjoy that they have longer class periods, and have fewer classes on certain days.

   On the flip side, there are those who oppose the schedule.  Although the 80 minute periods are beneficial for teachers to finish work in class, some feel that it is too long. Some students dislike having to their schedule with them everywhere they go. “It makes me feel like a freshmen!” one sophomore said. However, the most important argument was that the abbreviated lunch periods cause a lot of chaos. Students also complain about the long lunch lines, but the ability to roam in the lunchroom area has appeased some angry students.

Overall, this change can only get better in the future. As more people adjust, they will recognize the freedom of the schedule and realize that success is not out of reach.