Conversation with Mr. Gorelick 


Dhruvil Patel '20, Staff Writer

 Mr. Cooper Gorelick is originally from Cherry Hill and graduated from Cherry Hill High School West in 2009. Mr. Gorelick had a lot of fun as a student in West and also participated in the theater program. 

  Some differences he sees between West now and when he was a student is cell phone use. He said,  “When I was a student there weren’t real smartphones yet. People texted; people called but there wasn’t a lot of social media.” He found smartphones to be a distraction for some students nowadays but when he was at West they weren’t really familiar with social media.

  When he was an undergraduate he studied Math and Theater, and when he was in grad school he studied Creative Writing. Mr.Gorelick also said that the West diploma helped him during his college years. “Because I took so many history classes when I was here I didn’t have to take history classes in college. A lot of the math courses I took I use the foundation that I had learned here in the college courses for math.” 

  Some things he liked about West is the building is very community-based.  It was and it is now. Everyone cares about everyone else. “There is always someone who will help you and support you in whatever you need in here,”  Mr. Gorelick said.

  When Mr.Gorlick was a student he was in theater.   He worked backstage; he wasn’t an actor. And now that he is back teaching at West he helps run stage crew for musicals and  One Acts. The advice Mr. Gorelick would like to give is “Just join in. West is a lot of fun. There are millions of opportunities and everyone is very friendly around here.”