Park At Your Own Risk


John Santola '23

On Monday, September 23rd, Campus Police started issuing traffic tickets to student vehicles that are illegally parked on school lots. 

     “We are issuing tickets because the parking spaces are for the students who have paid for parking,” Officer Graham said. “We have given out warnings…to move their vehicles, these students still are parking in students’ parking spaces that have paid for those spaces.”

      The tickets will be given out to students who park without parking passes. 

      Students can either pay the ticket or protest it in Cherry Hill Municipal Court. 

      If they protest and are convicted, they will be charged the ticket along with court costs. 

      The minimum fine can be $48. If they protest and are found guilty, the court cost will be what the court deems appropriate.

   A ticket will be issued with a due date. If the student needs to pay court costs, the court will work out some sort of program for when the payment is due.

     If a student chooses to not pay the ticket, the court can issue a warrant for their arrest or notify the DMV to suspend their driving privileges. 

      The money from the tickets go to the municipal courts and the township. “We have nothing to do with that [money from the fine],” Officer Graham said.  

      Officer Graham said that they can see who belongs in what space on their computer. He also added that they will sometimes receive complaints from the students who paid for those spots and also monitor the school lots. They will then determine if the vehicle is supposed to be there and, if not, they will then issue a ticket. 

      Parking passes are currently only being issued to Seniors. Students can make an application for a parking pass on the West Website, Campus Police or the Main Office.