Skipping Through Time – Part 2

Skipping Through Time - Part 2

Dani Dieudonne, Staff Writer

One week ago,

“Pardon?” Sitting down next to Kimberly, Ivory questions her friend’s request of going back to the year 1992, the first place they had gone to with the time machine. “Can we even go back in time, twice?” Looking up with a smile, Kimberly responds, “I don’t see why not.” 

The two girls are back on campus, after their last trip to the Renaissance in Italy, had ended. The entire trip was planned out due to Kimberly having a history report on the time period. “Did you get everything you needed?” Issac, the brain behind the time machine, speaks from behind them. 

“There wasn’t much to get, nor see.” Kimberly shrugs her shoulders. Disagreeing, “what do you mean?! It was amazing there, better than what we read in the history books.” Ivory voices. 

“Where are you guys heading next?” Maria, another brain of the time machine, wonders. “1992, again” leaning back in her seat, Kimberly is confident with her response. 

“What?!” Worry arises in Maria’s voice rushing over to the computer, “but you guys have never gone back to the same year twice before.” Standing up Ivory glances at the computer, “I told her this, yet she isn’t listening.” Eyes rolling, Kimberly dismisses the two with a wave of her hand.  

“Why do you even want to go back, anyway? It isn’t like you forgot something.” Questioning, Issac sits down next to Kimberly. Taking a moment, Kimberly opens her mouth and shuts it. Finally replying back, “the last time we went, you guys cut the trip short because of a malfunction in the machine, right?” All nodding their heads Kimberly continues.

“If there was an error with the machine in the past, I doubt Ivory and I going back again will do any damage, this time, because we’ve been using as well as updating the machine for the past three months.” Unfolding her arms, Kimberly raises up from her seat walking over to Maria and Ivory, who are in a state of confusion. “Besides-” Kimberly mumbles,  “the 90s were fun. What else of a reasoning do you guys need?” quieting down Kimberly awaits their answers. 

Kimberly hates lying, however, she can’t find a way to tell her friends the true reason for her wanting to go back to 1992. That was the year her parents met, they don’t talk about it often. The only photo there is of the two is a paolorid of Kimberly’s mother sitting on her father’s lap, on top of her father’s car. Thinking of how much her parents cared for each other made Kimberly yearn for more, to see it first hand, nowadays the two hardly speak to one another. 

Crossing his arms Issac is the first person to answer Kimberly “you have a good reasoning.” face beaming with excitement, Kimberly is ready to say thank you before getting shot down. “But, Kim, this plan may fail, and we both know what could happen if it does. ” Trailing off, “I know” Kimberly replies. 

“What could happen?” Ivory asks, Maira answers her “you two could get stuck there, and if that’s the case we won’t be able to get you guys out.” “What?” blinking, Ivory assumes that she didn’t hear Maria right. 

“Is that why we had to come back so fast last time?” “Yes.” Maria responds.

“Kim” calling out Ivory faces her friend. “I don’t think we should do this, if we get stuck that’s it.” Seriousness lies in Ivory’s voice. 

“But what if it works?! Wouldn’t we have a new report to track? the invention would evolve further than what we originally thought.” Kimberly states, “she isn’t wrong,” Maria musters up, “if this is successful, then maybe we can stretch the time you guys stay in the past, and not limit it to the six days.” “I agree,” Issac says, still warry about the situation. 


“But it’s still risky, are you sure you want to do this?” Issac questions, Without skipping a beat Kimberly replies, “I’m sure, if something goes wrong we’ll keep our eyes on a message from you two. What do you think, Ivory?” 

Torn between staying and joining her friend, Ivory ponders, ‘please don’t let the worse happen.’ she thinks.

With an answer on her tongue, Ivory locks eyes with Kimberly, “Let’s do it.”